AMD Catalyst Mantle Driver Delayed

AMD mantle works with all Radeon graphics cards Graphics Core Next-technology.

Yesterday, new game update for Battlefield 4 enabled Mantle API support that DICE has developed in conjunction with AMD. However this patch requires an AMD catalyst driver update to enable Mantle in-game.It seems like AMD has to delay the update to early February after it discovered a major bug with its Catalyst 14.2 driver at the last minutes of the driver roll out .

The driver was originally planned to come out in sync with DICE update of Battlefield 4 on Thursday.

 Update from AMD:

During the QA process, we identified an installation issue in AMD Catalyst 14.1 that renders it unsuitable for distribution for testing in your labs. We are testing a new build overnight and will update you on its status by mid-afternoon Eastern Standard Time on January 31. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience and understanding.

AMD told TechPowerUp that their teams have been working overnight to fix the driver, and should have their next status update for us by mid-afternoon EST (New York time), later today. That update doesn’t necessarily mean a driver release at that point in time, and so AMD might be forced to label it Catalyst 14.2 beta, keeping up with its calendar-based driver version naming. Catalyst 14.1 beta was expected to ship the first public distribution of Mantle, AMD’s ambitious 3D graphics API to rival Direct3D and OpenGL.

AMD also mentioned a 24 hour exclusive period for press to evaluate the driver before public release, so it looks like your download will be at least 36 hours away.

  • Robert Severson

    What? AMD dissapoint with drivers? NEVER!

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